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News Flash:
Maybe Boomers Didn’t Get Hepatitis C From Youthful Drug Use?

From HepMag.Com "A new study challenges the prevailing wisdom that high rates of hepatitis C virus (HCV) among members of the baby boom generation are a result of their youthful experimentation with drugs, unsafe tattooing and risky sex, aidsmap reports. Publishing their findings in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, researchers analyzed 45,316 sequences of genotype 1a of hep C, which is the dominant strain in North America.

The scientists concluded that hep C saw its greatest infection rates between 1940 and 1965. These rates tapered at the end of this period and plateaued between 1965 and 1989. The 1990s saw falling infection rates, and starting in 2000, the rates rose modestly.

These patterns suggest that, in fact, unsafe medical procedures are the root cause of the virus’s spread among baby boomers. This generation was too young during the period of the epidemic’s vast expansion for members to have largely contracted the virus from behaviors—including injection drug use—that are more common among young adults. Furthermore, the post–World War II era saw a great upswing in the number of medical procedures. Proper safety measures, such as the introduction of disposable syringes during the 1950s, were slower to come onto the scene.

Blood transfusions were likely largely responsible for transmissions between 1965 and 1989 given that thorough screening for hep C in the blood supply did not begin until 1992."

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Can medical marijuana give hope to viral hepatitis patients?

A 2006 study found that viral hepatitis patients undergoing antiviral therapy
were more likely to stick to their treatment if they were also marijuana users.

From: European Journal Of Gastroenterology Oct. 2006

"Objectives: Despite the widespread use of polypharmacy, the management of hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment-related side-effects is often incomplete, and many patients turn to cannabis for symptom relief. Unfortunately, there are few data about cannabis use on treatment outcomes, leaving clinicians without the data needed to inform recommendations.

Methods: To define the impact of cannabis use during HCV treatment, we conducted a prospective observational study of standard interferon and ribavirin treatment in 71 recovering substance users, of whom 22 (31%) used cannabis and 49 (69%) did not.

Results: Seventeen of the 71 study patients (24%) discontinued therapy early, one cannabis user (5%) and 16 non-users (33%) (P=0.01). Overall, 37 patients (52%) were end-of-treatment responders, 14 (64%) cannabis users and 23 (47%) non-users (P=0.21). A total of 21 out of 71 (30%) had a sustained virological response: 12 of the 22 cannabis users (54%) and nine of the 49 non-users (18%) (P=0.009), corresponding to a post-treatment virological relapse rate of 14% in the cannabis users and 61% in the non-users (P=0.009). Overall, 48 (68%) were adherent, 29 (59%) non-users and 19 (86%) cannabis users (P=0.03). Although cannabis users were no more likely than non-users to take at least 80% of the prescribed interferon or ribavirin, they were significantly more likely to remain on HCV treatment for at least 80% of the projected treatment duration, 95 versus 67% (P=0.01).

Conclusions: Our results suggest that modest cannabis use may offer symptomatic and virological benefit to some patients undergoing HCV treatment by helping them maintain adherence to the challenging medication regimen.



Thanks for everyone who helped put this Health Fair together on Sat.
Jan. 16,2016 and to all the people helped by the information.

Love The Golden Rule 1
Dr. Bob(r) Randy


Gordon (L)
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Free Viral Load Testing! 

 Notice to HCV positive individuals!
If you live in the Tampa Bay area or plan to visit,
***NEXT TESTING to be announced soon!
Free Viral Load Testing is Available

For More Information CLICK HERE

Event: Viral Load Testing (blood drawn)
Where: Love The Golden Rule Inc.,St. Petersburg, Fl
721 - Dr, Martin Luther King Street South
When: ??????????
Time :::::::::::::::::::::::
Friday """""""""""""
Phone 727-228-1650

For anyone who has the Hepatitis C virus. This event helps the staff to prepare patients for correct treatment, monitor treatment efficacy, and indicate post treatment outcome. It is vital to the fuctioning of LoveTheGoldenRule Inc. that these testing sessions continue. However Bio Collections Inc., the reseach facility which performs the testing, asks for at least 50 specimens per session.This means we try to fill this quota or risk losing this vital service. If you know of anyone needing the test please tell them about this offer.
IT IS FREE! (usual cost $500+)
GoTo for more info.

Viral Load Testing
Viral Load Testing

Getting Blood Drawn
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Suncoast Hepatitis C Friends is a local online support group in the Tampa Bay Area dedicated to improving the quality of life and disease outcome of those who suffer from viral hepaitits, their friends, and family. Though we believe in and use all available medical resources, ultimateley we believe that God gives us all healing.

Our Mission

SuncoastHepCFriends.Org was founded in Nov. 2009 and is a non-profit organization created to be a source of information for people in our community about viral hepatitis and find us find support through local agencies, health care providers, and contacts to services. We also advocate for the rights of our citizens and to address the lack of awareness prevention, education, support, and services available to those affected by HCV and HBV. Finally, we seek to save lives by increasing awareness of the threat of viral hepatitis to us all.


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